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When Expertise Meets Passion.

Passionate entrepreneurs, professional hygiene experts, and distribution specialists: that’s the Dissan Group in a nutshell.

At Dissan, the distribution of janitorial & sanitary products is much more than a business; it’s our DNA.

We’re a tight-knit community that goes beyond the distribution of janitorial supplies. Underscored by a culture of excellence and collaboration, the Dissan Group was founded in 1991 by independent entrepreneurs hailing from across the country, who were committed to offering leading-edge expertise in the Canadian professional hygiene industry.

Today, the Dissan Group is proud to be a national JanSan (janitorial sanitation) industry leader. With our purchasing power and privileged relationships with the industry’s largest suppliers and manufacturers, we contribute to maintaining a clean and safe environment in the B2B market right across the country, while continuing to foster the growth of our members and our network. 

Catalyzing Growth

For over 30 years, our expertise has been demonstrated in a wide range of sectors, including commercial, institutional, foodservice, hospitality, agri-food, industrial, aerospace, recreational, healthcare, and janitorial. Since 1991, the company has been continually expanding its distribution network with the aim of strengthening its presence and leadership position in the Canadian market.  Its bold vision and growth initiatives driven by acquisitions and mergers make the Dissan Group a strategic collaborator of choice.

Key points

$150 million

in annual purchasing power

50,000 sq. ft.

of warehousing based in Montreal

60 localisations

across Canada.

A dynamic distribution team

The Dissan Group’s mission is to provide superior quality products at the best prices, backed by exemplary customer service, while continuing to strengthen its distribution network in the Canadian market.

Every day, we’re committed to :

  • Securing agreements with the most qualified manufacturers

  • Sourcing the most reliable products

  • Designing innovative programs for scores of activity sectors, including industries that are highly controlled and standardized

  • Developing an efficient cross-Canada supply network

  • Guaranteeing seamless logistics

  • Offering above-and-beyond customer service

  • Supporting our partners’ marketing strategies

  • Supporting our members

  • Supporting our accredited suppliers in covering the Canadian market.

We are proud to boast a team of multidisciplinary experts who make the Dissan Group an adaptable collaborator that works strategically to solve problems and respond to the needs of our partners.

What sets Dissan apart?

Values we’re proud of :