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Do you have a question regarding our organization and our network? You will likely find your answer among our frequently asked questions. We have compiled a list of questions that are commonly posed to us to assist you in navigating through them!


It is a very simple process with clear steps. A representative will be assigned to your membership. A dedicated team will support you at each step of the process.

Joining The Dissan Group does not require any entry fee.

Joining The Dissan Group does not require you to buy any shares. Buying shares is
possible but not mandatory to join the group.

As any serious business we require our partners to sign an agreement with the Dissan Group. You will have all the necessary time and assitance to read our agreement before you sign it.

The Dissan Group offers fully bilingual customer support to all of its members. Our support services can include on-site meetings, one on one training, email communications, online support, call center customer support, video-conferences and e-learning. A representative will be
assigned to provide you with assistance.

Yes. As soon as you become a member you will receive our official member’s guide. You will also have access to all personalised tools that Dissan Group offers to its members.

Yes. As member you will get a full, complete training on policies, procedures and products.

We are proud to offer our members one of the most complete green cleaning program in Canada. The Dissan Group was the first Canadian group to be certified under the
Terrachoice and Ecologo / UL programs.

Yes. You will continue to receive support from suppliers and keep doing business with your manufacturers sales representatives while benefiting from the Dissan Group advantages.

Yes. The Dissan Group is the most “online” Canadian JanSan group. Please visit us at www.dissan.com and www.inosolutions.net.

Simple. Please dial our toll free number 1.800.474.6675 ext. 221 and speak with our Executive Vice President. He will answer all your questions.

You have a question?
Write us!

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