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Cross-Canada visibility and growth opportunities. Sound good ?

The Dissan Group is always on the lookout for new suppliers and manufacturers of professional sanitary products and equipment to meet the growing needs of our members. Our business is bringing suppliers and distributors together for their mutual benefit. When you join the Dissan Group, you’ll benefit from privileged access to our nationwide distribution network.  


We give you access to our extensive distribution channels to help you increase your sales and maximize your growth potential.

Cross-Canada coverage

Our members operate in a broad range of market segments, from industrial to medical, food service, education, hospitality retail, healthcare and many more.

A strong presence in a range of B2B sectors

The members of our distribution network operate in a variety of sectors, including institutional, commercial, industrial, agri-food, and janitorial.

The Dissan Group provide its suppliers with a marketing program to help them enhance the visibility of their products and services. The program includes :

  • Launch activities, marketing events, and training opportunities to heighten awareness of each supplier’s brand
  • Marketing support for the creation of effective promotional materials, such as targeted advertising, leaflets, brochures, catalogues, and videos
  • Increased visibility via digital platforms, such as your websites, newsletters, and social media channels
  • Exclusive participation in the National Sales Meeting, held every two years. A unique opportunity to meet all our members and their sales force during one event.

Our brands excel with their distinctive positioning, providing manufacturers with a strategic edge to set themselves apart in the local competition. Working with the Dissan Group gives suppliers the option of manufacturing our national brands, which offers the following advantages :

  • Access to a nationwide market
  • Guaranteed sales growth.

Collaborating in the production of our national brands also enables suppliers to improve their efficiency thanks to streamlined production, sourcing and distribution.

  • Thanks to our close links with our distributors and our networking programs, we can help you garner conversions for your brands.

  • We offer valuable face-to-face opportunities, where you can network with our independent distributors, forge new relationships, and discover new business opportunities.

The Dissan Group enjoys a loyalty rate of 70%, which represents a significant advantage for our suppliers. This means that:

  • Our members have confidence in the Dissan Group’s products and services and are more inclined to continue buying from our accredited suppliers.
  • Suppliers benefit from a loyal and regular customer base, which can contribute to stable sales growth.

Our central billing system simplifies the billing process by centralizing all member purchases and invoicing them from a single account, managed by Dissan.

As a supplier partner, you will no longer have to issue multiple invoices to numerous distributors, but rather one single invoice for all your transactions.

We guarantee our members’ purchases while simultaneously contributing to their growth.


Did you know…

Our accounting department handles nearly 300 invoices a day!

  • Our 50,000 sq. ft. distribution centre offers our supplier increased transaction and shipping efficiency by serving as an extension of their warehouse and extending their reach to Dissan distributor members.
  • The distribution centre processes over 15,000 transactions a month.
  • We are constantly working with our members and suppliers to review our offerings and identify growth opportunities through our distribution centre.

Why partner with the Dissan Group?

Quite simply because we put you first!

Key points

60 locations

across Canada

A member loyalty

rate of up to 70%!

15 000

distribution centre transactions per month.

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