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Our country-wide network is first and foremost a community of independent entrepreneurs with the shared goal of maximizing the potential of their businesses.

Peace of mind

As an independent entrepreneur, finding the right support and resources to run a sanitary hygiene solutions distribution business can quickly get complicated. You can stop worrying because we’re here to help. At Dissan, it’s all about you. Working with the Dissan Group is working with a trustworthy business partner who understands your reality.


We negotiate discounts and advantageous programs

By consolidating our purchasing volumes, we are able to leverage our $100 million purchasing network to negotiate competitive discounts and increased economies of scale. You benefit from:

  • Competitive prices and significant discounts for the entire network
  • Exclusive supplier promotions for Group members
  • Discount programs for bulky goods (FTL)
  • Dropship discount programs
  • Loyalty incentive programs
  • Advantageous freight policies
  • Assistance in managing discounts and rebates to maximize your profits.


Discount management

At the Dissan Group, we don’t just negotiate individual rebate programs, we also help you easily, simply, and transparently track and report your rebates.


Risk management

As a member of a buying group, you can also benefit from access to shared resources and expertise, and better procurement risk management. Our success over the last few decades has ensured we are well equipped to meet major procurement challenges, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Access to a wide selection of products and equipment to meet your customers’ specific needs

At Dissan, we are proud to partner with the JanSan industry’s most reputable suppliers to  provide our members with the superior products they need to excel. We select our suppliers based on both their commitment to your success as a distributor as well as their reputation within the industry.


Supplier relationship management support

As a Dissan member, you’ll have rapid access to the latest product innovations, training, and demonstrations, as well as support from our key suppliers to develop new business opportunities. We will help you strengthen your relationships with our suppliers and achieve your growth objectives, while also ensuring effective collaboration.


Help in preparing your calls for tender

We know that preparing calls for tender can be tedious, which is why our staff are on hand to help you every step of the way. You’ll benefit from the strong relationships we have with our suppliers, and you can be sure they will offer you the best prices and strategies. They’ll work with you to understand your needs and provide solutions tailored to your business. Don’t let the complexity of preparing calls for tender hold you back!

At Dissan, we’re proud to offer our distributor members exclusive access to our INO Solutions and INSTINCT national brands.


You’ll be the only authorized distributor offering these competitive, high-quality products. Our exclusive brands are designed to meet specific market needs and to counter the competition. Our products are regularly tested and improved to guarantee the best possible results.

For more information, visit the INO Solutions website at

We are committed to helping our members with customized marketing support. When you work with our marketing team, you’ll benefit from a personalized plan to meet your specific needs and business objectives.

We put our marketing department at your disposal to help you design effective and creative tools that will increase your sales, including:

  • Customized catalogues
  • Promotional leaflets
  • Product guides
  • Social media support
  • Customized newsletters
  • Customized websites
  • Creation of prospecting tools for your trade show booths
  • And much more.

As part of our country-wide network, you can count on the ongoing support of our national team. Members have access to exclusive resources, networking opportunities, training, and conferences, as well as expert advice to boost your business growth and better rival your competitors.

Participation in the National Sales Meeting

The Dissan Group organizes a National Sales Meeting every two years, bringing together all our members as well as top suppliers. This unique opportunity allows our members to strengthen their business relationships and discover the latest industry innovations. We are committed to helping our members by offering valuable opportunities to spur their growth and increase their profitability.

Our 50,000 sq. ft. distribution centre services members from every corner of the country, with an inventory of over 4,000 SKUs including chemical products, amenities, equipment, commodity products, accessories, and parts from a variety of brands.


Key member benefits include

  • A fast order-picking and shipping service.
  • The ability to receive products from multiple suppliers in one convenient shipment.
  • 24/7 access to your extranet account.
  • Optimal stock management: Our stock management system maintains the stock level needed to meet the demands of all our members.
  • Exceptional customer service: Our experienced and dedicated staff are on hand to answer all our members’ questions and provide outstanding customer service. Members can rely on us for personalized, attentive service.
  • Modern, secure facilities: Our distribution centre is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure the safety and efficiency of our logistics operations.

You’ll maintain your independence as you’ll be dealing directly with suppliers and managing your own sales and marketing activities. The Dissan Group’s mission is to support you, help you seize market share opportunities, and increase your profitability.

Why join the Dissan Group ?

We offer more. A lot more.

Your time is precious

Save time by letting us manage the negotiations… 

Benefit from our economies of scale

Our $150 million purchasing volume enables…

Access to professional expertise

Our team of experts is available to answer your… 

Benefit from a comprehensive product offering

Secure access to a wider range of suppliers and…

Key points

$150 million

in annual purchasing power

Up to 30%

reduction in your procurement costs

160 suppliers



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