Anticipating Your Customers' Needs: Tips for Choosing Sustainable Products​


Today’s consumer makes thoughtful choices based on very specific criteria. In an effort to reduce their ecological footprint, they are increasingly opting for environmentally conscious brands. When it comes to bulk purchasing, such as with hygiene products, the choice can be difficult. How do you know what your clientele will consider sustainable? Are there certain materials, certifications, or other qualities to look for?

At Cascades PRO, sustainability has been part of our DNA from day one. Therefore, we can help you make the best decisions to meet your customers’ expectations.

Opt for Recycled Fibers

An easy way to ensure that the products you offer are sustainable is to check their raw materials. According to a study we conducted in 2022, 92% of consumers feel they are making a positive impact when they choose paper products made from recycled fibers.

At Cascades PRO, we work hard to ensure that we offer our customers a range of products that keep up with market trends. More than 70% of our products are made from 100% recycled fibers, including refills for TandemMC dispensers. You can be assured of finding a solution that meets your customers’ needs.

Add Compostable Options to Your Product Selection

The famous “three Rs”—reduce, reuse, and recycle—are the foundation of sustainable development. It is now possible to reduce the use of facial tissues and paper towels with solutions such as the controlled system dispenser TandemMC. Most paper products are hard to reuse, as they are already at the end of the material lifecycle. However, at Cascades PRO, we are committed to providing products whose end of life is sustainable. That’s why we offer compostable products: they are made from materials that can decompose quickly into natural elements in a composting environment such as an industrial or municipal composting facility, without harming the environment*.

In fact, we have worked hard to ensure that most of our products likely to end up in the trash, such as napkins, paper towels, and hand towels, are certified compostable by a third party. By choosing these Cascades PRO products, you know you are always offering options that are certified by the Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA)—a global leader in industrial composting standards—or that meet the criteria of other certification bodies, such as:

  • Green Seal, which sets high standards for product performance and fiber sourcing, restrictions on hazardous chemicals, and limits on water and energy use in the manufacturing process.
  • Green-e, which focuses on clean energy standards and provides resources for companies to help them move away from non-renewable energy sources like coal.
  • UL Solutions, which measures multiple environmental factors such as greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water consumption, product components, etc.
  • The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which verifies that companies source raw materials sustainably to prevent deforestation and protect biodiversity, communities, and workers involved.

Today’s consumer looks for these certifications to ensure they are making responsible choices. In fact, 59% of respondents consider a product sustainable when it bears the seal of approval from a certification body. With a list of products that proudly meet certification standards, Cascades PRO can provide what your clientele is looking for.


We hold ourselves to high standards to satisfy all customers—yours and ours—and to protect the Earth. Cascades PRO is committed to offering sustainable solutions for all its products and continuously strives to improve its manufacturing processes to reduce its impact on the environment. We are recognized as one of the most sustainable companies in the world, and our efforts to maintain our sustainable business model are rewarded.

As consumers increasingly choose responsible and transparent companies, we believe that sustainability and quality must go hand in hand.

  • These products are suitable for composting in industrial and municipal facilities, and not for home composting. Please check locally, as there may not be facilities in your area.

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