Merger between Dissan Group & Produits Capital

Dear colleagues & collaborators,

We are pleased to announce that Dissan Group has finalized a merger agreement with our distributing member, Produits Capital, based in Quebec. This merger represents a pivotal step in our growth strategy, allowing us to consolidate our strengths and expertise to better address the evolving needs of our industry.

Founded in 1952, the company is a cornerstone in the field of sanitation, cleanliness, hygiene, and health. With a qualified sales team and ongoing training on new products, Produits Capital meets the needs of institutional, commercial, and industrial clients while promoting ecological solutions. Its commitment to sustainability makes it a leader in the Quebec region.

Mario Lamarche, CEO of Dissan Group, emphasized the significant importance of the merger between Produits Capital and Dissan Group, describing it as pivotal in our growth strategy, thus reinforcing our position in the Canadian market. “ Produits Capital is an invaluable asset to our group, ” said Alex Trudel, Executive Vice President of Dissan Group. “ This merger combines our expertise, diversifies our service offerings, and creates synergy that places our clientele at the heart of every initiative.”

Charles and François Pettigrew shared their excitement by stating: “ This merger is a great opportunity for the Produits Capital team, enriching our expertise and providing new avenues to address the challenges of tomorrow! We look forward to diving into this new adventure together! ”

Following this merger, we want to assure our partners and employees that there will be no disruption to the level of the company’s daily operations. Dissan Group and Produits Capital will continue to operate under their own respective entities and management structures. Employees can expect to continue their current roles and responsibilities without any changes. It is important to note that Charles and François Pettigrew will remain with the company and play a crucial role in its ongoing success.

We believe that the merger with Produits Capital represents a significant step in expanding our business and commitment. Employees and collaborators are encouraged to contact us with any questions or concerns. Dissan Group will provide updates and information as needed to ensure that all issues are addressed accordingly.


Charles et François Pettigrew
Produits Capital

Alex Trudel
Executive Vice President
Dissan Group

Mario Lamarche
Dissan Group

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